Office Deliveries

How it works

We deliver fruit boxes packed with the freshest produce to your office whether it be daily, weekly or monthly orders. No order is too big or too small and we offer free delivery all over Ireland.

Monthly billing in place for all companies and payment methods are what suits you best! We offer a couple of options but we recommend customising a box that suits your team’s needs and your budget best! Get in touch and organise a free box and see how it goes down! We will keep an eye on all collections for the first couple of orders and let you know if there is some of one item leftover so we can switch it up to ensure you are getting the most out of each order! With some fruit being seasonal we will always touch base with you regarding what’s best at the moment so your team is being offered the best of seasonal fruit throughout the year. Some of our clients keep it the same each week and some change it up each week with different offerings for their team so get in touch and we can see what works best for you!

Pick Your Box

Crate 1

Suitable for 10-20 staff
43 pieces of fruit

Crate 2

Suitable for 15-30 staff
66 piece of fruit

Crate 3

Suitable for 30-45 staff
87 pieces of fruit

Donate A Crate

Office closed on your usual order day?  Of course you cancel your order with our contract free service or you can donate a crate! Just get In touch with one of our fruitful office members and let us know the local charity you wish to donate to and we will have one of our drivers send your usual order to them. Our team can also recommend some charities in your area that would be grateful for this.